Just because hes different…

Just because my future is with somebody who isn’t the same religion and has a different cultural background that many people despise of, doesn’t mean he is any where near what you think of him to be. It doesn’t mean the stereotype you have of “their” kind is true.  

Well to start out today’s post is pretty much talking about a subject that irritates me to the core. What makes it okay for people to judge others to the extent of what they have heard. I mean i’m not a saint and i will never say to anybody that i do not judge others at times. But it makes my rethink humanity when i run across people who judge others because of how they grew up, how they where raised, what religion they are, or what they believe in.

Lets start out by saying my significant other is Muslim and was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Once people hear that its like there mind goes right to ISIS, bombing, Multiple wives, woman with no rights, woman fully covered, oil company, ext. But why is this. I’ve been told from the start that he just wants a green card, Did you know he can marry multiple people, Are you going to go live there you better not have you seen the stuff about their government, how they live, ext, are you going to have to turn to be Muslim, do you where the ha-jab, if it lasts are your kids going to be Muslim, just be careful.I really don’t think people realize that their views on these type of people are based on racism, social media, what they have been told, and not what they have actually experienced.

When it comes down to it, i have never heard one person that has been in a relationship or friendship with somebody who is Muslim and comes from that cultural background, that has asked or told me any of these things. This makes me believe that they understand in any religion, any race, any cultural background, a single person chooses if they want their life to be a good/bad time or make bad/good decisions. This also makes me respect the people who judge less when it comes to these subjects.

These words that i heard from people really let me down in the beginning. I believe i was more worried about what others thought than what i felt between me and my significant other. Until i finally noticed people are always going to have their own judgement/opinions. I bet Americans don’t go running around judging their american friend boyfriends about their race or religion because that is what they are used to. I just wish more people would understand that it has an effect on others.

To end this subject i would like to let everybody know that i am the happiest, luckiest person being with somebody who treats me right. Whoever tries to tell me i’m making a mistake and try to change my mind on being with somebody, somebody that i love, i will assure you that you are wrong.



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