Body Image in Today’s Society

People often say to change yourself the way you want to be/look if you have low self-esteem? Its easier said than done. Do you think if we had the ability, courage, knowledge, to do that, we wouldn’t? Why is it that woman/men have this certain image that they need to live up to? If we can’t fit that criteria, we are often let to look down on ourselves.  


Some thoughts that relate to people dealing with bad body image!


I can’t begin to explain how dealing with body image in today’s society has ruined the way many people view others. 

An example.

  1. Clothes: There is a certain style for different body types? Stores have now sectioned off the “PLUS SIZE” clothes. Like there is a label on who should wear what? if you 100 pounds you can wear this shirt but if your anything over 190 you can’t because it doesn’t come in your size, you have to go to the plus size section. How horrible is this? People talk about loving their body no matter if they are plus size or fit the curvy/skinny criteria. How can we do this when the world labels each differently? I have seen posts about how girls over a certain weight should not wear shorts or yoga leggings. It’s because of these people our worlds image of the perfect body has become a bully to some people. Wear what you like, don’t worry about what others will think. 

Why is it that we have to live up to america’s standard of how a person should look?


Is this how we are supposed to look? Perfect body. What if we do not look like this or similar? We don’t have abs, we don’t have amazing hair, a flat stomach, thigh gap, be fit? What if we have thighs that touch each other, we have muscle but we want to keep it safe by fat:), we have some rolls, stretch marks. Why is it that people judge when you do not look picture perfect?


Every body is perfect. If your skinny, curvy, or have a few extra pounds on you. We shouldn’t be judging people if they don’t have the perfect body and if somebody does have the perfect body we should applaud them. Why judge somebody by their appearance? What matters most is their personality. Stop the “PERFECT BODY IMAGE” because everybody should be comfortable in their own skin.

Everybody has the Perfect Body

3 thoughts on “Body Image in Today’s Society

  1. Oh boy, there is so much to be said on this topic. Why do advertisers and marketers get to tell us how we should look? Isn’t the media responsible for causing so much low self esteem? And so many people buy into it, then you have Hollywood that seems to employ only the thinnest, fittest, prettiest of all people. Love yourself, be comfortable in your own skin and present yourself as the beautiful confident person you are!! Everyone should be told this.


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